Dr. John Miller Masury purchases the land for $21,000. Approximately 21 acres, from the ocean at 52nd Street back West to Crystal Lake.


After 2 years, the house is completed. It is the first full-time residence North of the Cavalier Hotel. At nearly 12,000 Square feet, both the house and the land are valued at $240,000.


Mrs. Masury has 140 acres of the property subdivided and roads built. At the time 52nd street was referred to as Masury Lane and the Norfolk and Southern train station at 52nd and Atlantic was called Masury station.


Masury moves to San Diego, where he lives until his death in 1938. The Masury Corporation leases the house to a group of North Carolina businessmen in 1935 who turn the estate into a dining and entertainment nightclub known as The Crystal Club. The Crystal Club enjoyed a measure of prominence and is still remembered by locals.


After the demise of The Crystal Club, the house is purchased by William Wilder. Wilder ran a group of movie theaters in Norfolk and Virginia Beach and it is believed that he built the retaining wall, garden wall and dog house. The Greystone name dates from this period.


Greystone is purchased by Andrea Hodgson. It had been vacant for several years following the death of Mr. Wilder. Hodgson subdivided the reminaing acres and sold the Greystone (now on one acre) to C. William Emanuelson, a contractor who refurbished and built houses as well as bulkheads in the area.


Frank and Juliette Reidy buy the Greystone for $240,000. Reidy hires a caretaker/carpenter who lives in the house and begins to fix it up. Five years later in 1986, the Reidys with sons Michael, Pieter and James moved from Singapore to the Greystone.


The Reidys begin the process of extensive renovations. The porches are redone and the house is repainted inside and out. A landscape plan is implemented. The heating and air conditioning systems are replaced. A new roof and electrical system added. Bedrooms and bathrooms on the 2nd floor are renovated and in some cases reconfigured